Being Productive While Flying

I spend a lot of time on airplanes. I love flying. I get to go to a new place (sometimes) and just relax and enjoy the ride. After a while though I get bored. This is when I try to do something productive with the free time in the air.

Here is my list of things one can do:

  • Respond to emails and send if the flight has WiFi. I save drafts if not and send when on the ground later.
  • Organize my expenses. I have tons of receipts to get reimbursed for. May as well get a head start!
  • Read about my destination. Using either a guidebook, print outs, or WiFi if available
  • Update to do lists
  • Write in a journal. I like to do this when coming back from an international trip.
  • Talk to others. You never know who you are sitting next too. Network with them!
  • Organize files on my computer. They seem to get in a mess quickly!
  • Sleep: If I can. Sleeping while in motion is very efficient!
I also write posts for here when in the air if I have time. I always seems to fall behind and then have a post-a-thon to catch up. I wish I could write everyday but there are simply not enough hours. I also have to be in the right mindset which is not always the case after a 12 hour day of work travel.