Tax Filing Time!

I have my W2 forms from work and the others are slowly coming in. I have already run a quick and dirty estimate of my refund and it should be around $1700-1800. That will certainly put a dent in a couple of goals! I had some bonuses last year that were taxed heavily so this larger refund reflects that.

I also bought the latest version of H&R Block tax software. It was only $20 and I was able to download it immediately from It is a huge time and money saver and I can file electronically. It also catches a few weird deductions and rules that I am not familiar with so it essentially pays for itself and then some. It also imports last year's data to help save time.

I can't wait to get this done and over with so I can get my refunds from federal and state and stop giving them free loans. My plans for the refunds are to pay a couple of bills, beef up savings, and possibly a new printer. I will make the decision once I actually have the money in hand.