Making the most out of gift cards

I seem to get quite a few gift cards each year from friends and family. This year was no exception and I got a pretty big stack this time around. I also got some cash which is still believe is the best gift for me. I'd much rather top up my savings than have to go shopping somewhere.

This year I got:

  • $25 gift card
  • 2x $25 Longhorn/Darden gift cards
  • $50 Lowes gift card
  • $25 iTunes gift card
  • 2x $15 iTunes gift cards
I have already used the Amazon card to get a few things I needed around the house. All small items but saves me $25 in the end. I spent one of the Longhorn cards for lunch with the girlfriend last weekend. iTunes I used for a couple of games/apps and will save the rest for shows or movies in the future. Great now that I have an iPad!

I am hanging on the the Lowes card for now in case I need something to do some work around the house. It will be the least useful one at this point but worst case I can use it to buy household supplies or maybe even for work expenses on the road for which I will get reimbursed in cash. I could also pick up some tools if I need them.

Overall I will make good use of these gift cards. I have already turned my iPad into an on-demand second monitor for my macbook and we watch a couple shows on it too. I am ready to travel with it to see what else I can do! The other cards will get absorbed eventually. I keep their presence in the back of my head will get the value out of them soon!