Find it for free first!

For the past few months I have been trying my best to spend as little money as possible. It is helping as my savings is increasing over time and I have been able to adjust my budget downward a little.

With that goal in mind I still need/want some things from time to time. Clothes have to eventually be replaced, household goods re-bought, and so on. I have a strategy that has evolved from this and the idea is to see if I can find a free option first.

I have several ways to find it for free. I check out websites such as for free (or nearly free) after rebate deals on what I am looking for. Recently I have gotten 5 quarts of motor oil, 3 oil filters, and a Digiorno pizza all for free after rebate. Not bad!

I am not starting to look into craigslist and freecycle to see if what I am looking for is available for free. I am still trying to find a way to make money from it too! You can find all sorts of things for free such as furniture, clothes, book, movies, and so on. Why but new when these will work just as well?

Before running out to the store or mall see if you can find it for free first! The more we save today the less we have to work tomorrow. Time is the most valuable asset.