More Work Travel: Hartford, CT and New York City, NY!

I have another work trip thrown in last minute before I go to Asia. I knew this one was coming but dates finally got nailed down. I will be in Hartford, CT for Oct 20-21 and New York City for the weekend. I have to complete a project in the Hartford area and then fix a long standing minor issue in New York. Other than that I should have lots of free time in NYC to enjoy!

Turns out the my girlfriend will be joining me in New York. It is nice to use work-paid travel to do some fun stuff while I am on the road. I am looking forward to some dim sum, pizza, free hot dogs, and my favorite empanada shop in Queens. I will fly out of LGA on Sunday night.

The downside is that this means a 7 day work week. It is all give and take I suppose.

Either way I will take the travel time!