Work Travel Tomorrow: Week 1 of 3 in Boston!

I leave tomorrow morning for Boston for the next two days. I will do two more trips the next two weeks the same way. For some reason we have a lot of work in Boston all the sudden. Good since I need the miles and extra per diems!

These are all quick overnight trips to places all over the state of MA. I am becoming very familiar with Boston and the Logan Sky Club. After traveling pretty heavily for the past 2 months I can certainly justify the $450 per year annual fee from American Express. The lounges alone make it worth it!

My goal for all of these trips (4 in total, 3 to go) is to spend half of my per diem so I can keep the other half. So far I am on track to make that happen. At the same time I am trying to make healthier choices since eating out a lot can be less than healthy. Salads are king!