Work Travel: 4 weeks in a row!

I already have the next 3 weeks booked for travel and now it looks like it will be 4 with yet another contract coming through. I will do the first week in Baltimore then if all goes as planned it will be Boston/Mass. for 3 straight weeks. I will be gone 2 days out of each week this time around.

This will be a nice addition to the miles balance and a good change from time at my desk in the office. I will also get a good bit of money in per diem of which I hope to save half. It is always a nice little boost to the wallet since everything on the road is paid for. No gas to burn, food is covered, extra hotel/car/airline points, and I get to see America on the company's dime.

Sometimes I tire of the travel but I remind myself that this is why I do it!