Credit Card Churning Update

One of my new hobbies is racking up frequent flyer/hotel/other travel points with sign up bonuses. I go for waved annual fees or an extremely attractive deal in order to make this happen. The profits have been large for me and I thought I would share what I have earned in points and also what that means in terms of nearly free travel.

What I have earned so far:

  • 100,000 British Airways Miles
  • 75,000 American Airlines Miles
  • 80,000 Continental/United Airlines Miles
  • 65,000 Delta Airlines miles (bonus, not flying)
Great! I have a boatload of points earned over the past 6 months. Now what do I get from those? Here is what I am going to get:
  • British Airways: Using miles to go to Easter Island in April 2012. Still enough left for domestic flight
  • American: Used some to book one way Business Class from Singapore to Atlanta in December. Remainder is enough for a domestic flight plus some extra.
  • Continental: Thanks to some other small bonuses and a couple mileage runs I am going first class, via Europe, from Atlanta to Bangkok. Now my primary program with about 40,000 left and climbing.
  • Delta: Added to my current balance and scored a round trip business class for my girlfriend to Asia and back on Korean Air. 
My total out of pocket to make this happen is $125 plus some of my personal time. I get to take all of these awesome trips thanks to my good credit and research skills. I estimate the value of these trips and unused miles at around $10,000. Business class tickets are pricey but I get them for under $100 using miles to cover the fare.

This is a very lucrative hobby for me. I still have a lot to learn but am off to a great start so far. At this rate I can fly in style for most of my vacations for next to nothing. I should have started this years ago but better late than never. I now keep my ears to the wind for great deals!