Back home: More travel coming!

Today I am back home in Atlanta and have an odd work schedule: 2PM to 10PM since we are doing quarterly server upgrades. Everyone has to be out of the office for us to complete it so I am on an odd schedule for the next 2 days as a result. I also have to work this Saturday for an all-day quarterly meeting. Joy.

I just got back from a mini-vacation back home and I am looking at 2 more trips in the very near future. I am going back to Boston for 2 days July 12-13 for work and then a same day turn mini mileage run to Chicago on July 16 to burn the United voucher that otherwise would have expired. I am not getting nearly as much miles as I would normally but it is better than losing the voucher!

I am also looking at travel in August to Baltimore and Boston again. I will take any miles that I can get since I have been burning a lot lately booking vacations and a flight for a friend. I just got the United Airlines card for another bonus that will help boost my balance a good bit too!