Organization: it IS worth the time!

I recently had an appraiser out to my house since I am refinancing my mortgage. I did a lot of cleaning and organizing as a result. I found it astounding just how quickly things can get messy and how much time I can waste just trying to find something.

I am now starting a new habit of trying to put things in the proper place when I am done with it. I know this is not always possible so I try to have an "organization day" every 3 months or so where I simply take the time to put things away properly. This is akin to spring cleaning but simply more often. Nothing is more frustrating than spending 2 hours looking for your insurance document when you could have spent 5 minutes to scan and file it digitally as a PDF in the first place.

Paperwork builds up fast and I shred everything I don't need monthly. I hate paper clutter and am as paperless as I possibly can be. I am also getting into the habit of refusing receipts unless I need them and not taking bags if I only get a couple of items. Less clutter means less recycling, less waste, less time spent cleaning, and more productivity!

As a result of making a conscious effort to be more organized you can reduce stress, wasted time, and save money all in one shot. We all want more time and money to do the things we really want to do and staying organized plays a big part in it. The more clutter you have the more overwhelmed you feel--whether you realize it or not!