Money for looking at ads is a new site that I am trying out. You earn money for signing up for offers on their site, playing games, reading emails, and other activities. Once you reach $30 you can request a payment via check. I am giving it a shot to see if they are "real" or not.

I have read good things on other blogs about this site and I will take every extra dollar I can get! I have $6.12 in earnings so far and their paid emails give you $0.02 each and take literally 1 second to do. That works out to $72.00 per hour if you had enough paid emails to fill it. It costs me nothing to click a link to get paid.

I have made actual money from other sites such as and ebates and upromise. I am hoping that InboxDollars will be another supplement that I can get every once in a while! I will report if/when I get real money from it.

You won't get rich off of one or even multiple of these types of sites but it is a good way to pick up a few extra dollars here and there that you otherwise wouldn't have. I usually take my earnings from these sites and add to my emergency fund. Every penny counts when an emergency comes up!