The Grocery Game: Update

So I have been doing the grocery game for 3 weeks now. I am building my reserves of food and I am saving quite a bit along the way! I am glad I have done this as my food cost has gone down. Here are the steps I took:

  • Signed up for a free trial at the Grocery Game
  • Subscribed to my local Sunday newspaper
  • Kept all coupon inserts from the paper
  • Utilized the online coupons from the Grocery Game site
  • Printed the weekly list and got the items I need!
So far I have averaged about 50% off of all items that I normally buy just by using the list. I have gotten some really great deals such as: 25 centers per can for Campbell's cooking soups, 25 cents per box for Green Giant frozen veggies, 1.99/lb boneless chicken breasts, and the list goes on. Coupons take almost no time for me and save me a great deal.

The Grocery Game makes it much easier to spot the best deals. Their database does it all for you so you just print your list, clip specified coupons, and go to the store. Well worth the $10 every 8 weeks. Even with the cost of the service and cost of newspapers I come out way ahead. Saving money on food goes a long way. Give it a try!