My Story

I was born in 1982 as an only child. My parents divorced when I was 5 years old and I remained with my father. He remarried 3 times until I was 18. He is now single living with his girlfriend (whom I actually like!). Needless to say I had an interesting childhood.

I moved out at the age of 18 from my small hometown in south Georgia to Atlanta for college. I started off in a technical school to get a 2 year degree in the IT field (it was 2000 - 2001 and IT was on fire!). In 2002 the markets fell apart and so did the IT field to an extent. I went onto Georgia State University and completed a bachelor's degree in Finance.

I worked in the Finance field for a few years until I was laid off from my job in 2005 just in time for the Thanksgiving / Christmas holiday season. I soon decided to travel overseas as it seemed like a good chance. I ended up spending 18 months traveling the world (and getting into a lot of debt).

Fast forward to 2007 and I arrive home with $500 to my name, no job, no house, and very little stuff. I did still have my paid for car at my dad's house. I found a job within 2 months and began a long road of financial recovery. I am now credit card debt free but still owe my family, my student loans, and my mortgage. I bought my house (a foreclosure) in 2009.

I started this blog to help keep me focused on my journey to financial freedom. I discovered that I truly love to travel and wish to live overseas at least on a part time basis. I am working, paying down debts, and saving my way to make this happen. It's going to be a long journey and I hope this website/blog and my ramblings will get me through it!

I welcome all comments good and bad. I like to hear what people think about my ideas, choices, advice, and stories. This website is a mix of travel and financial information as they are my two priorities in life. I hope you enjoy it!