iPhone 4 as a travel tool

I am a proud owner of the iPhone 4. I use it extensively every day and absolutely love it. It has tons of very useful features and applications and I get a really good value from it. Since I love to travel it also has lots of great tools that I can use on the road. Since I am in Asia I am going to list all it's uses:

  • Camera - It has a 5.0 megapixel camera (also with HDR function) and a flash. It is great for when I don't have my normal camera on me and also for quick snaps on the move. I can also record video as an added bonus in HD.
  • Internet - With WiFi everywhere I can surf my usual sites and check emails. I can also get maps and look up local information with ease.
  • Media - I can watch movies, listen to music, play games, and otherwise entertain myself on planes, trains, buses, etc.
  • Texting - When I am abroad I get texts for free under my plan and can send back for 50 cents each. Not bad for getting an instant message back home when needed!
  • Notes - I can note down places, times, etc as needed.
  • Contacts - I have all my contacts with me. I can add numbers, emails, facebook, etc of people I meet and want to keep in touch with.
  • VOIP Phone. On WiFi I can make calls using Line2 or Skype for little cost to me. It is a great way to keep in touch cheaply. 
Above are the basic uses of my iPhone for travel. I find that these benefits far outweigh my monthly bill and well worth the convenience of only having to carry one device in my pocket. I look back at when I used to travel without it and I can see just how great it is to have now. My iPhone served me well in Thailand last year and I expect more of the same in Cambodia!