Frugality: Have "No Spend" and "Veggie" days

Their are hundreds of ways one can be frugal. Whether you hand your clothes to dry (saves energy and extends life of clothing), make your own soap or candles, or eat beans every day. I have two in particular that are easy for everyone to do and really work: Have a couples special days each week geared toward spending less.

No Spend Day: This is a day where you do not spend any money at all (unless you absolutely have too). Take your lunch to work. Eat leftovers. The goal is to have no financial transactions on this day if at all possible. Making this habit allows you to see how you can not spend! It forces you to think about your spending and try to slow down on other days too!

Veggie Day: We spend a lot of money on food no matter how we try not too. One way to combat this a bit is to have 1 day a week where you don't eat meat. Meat is the most expensive type of food. My Veggie day is usually leftovers such as pasta or salad and bread. Beans are a great replacement for meat. Soups are also a good choice.

There are numerous ways to be frugal. These two are a great start on the path to living a frugal but enjoyable life. You get to see the money you save, you like what you see, and you continue to look for more ways to do it. Give it a try!