New Mac OS X Snow Leopard: Save money on your upgrade!

If you are a Mac user like me then you already heard about the new version of OS X, Snow Leopard, that came out on August 28th. I am currently using it as I got it the day it was released. I must say it is much faster and more streamlined.

I currently own 2 Apple computers. My Macbook Pro and my Mac Mini. The upgrade costs $29 for one computer. The family pack is $49 for up to 5. I went with the family pack and saved $10. I also thought about it some more and figured out a way to save even more!

My friends have Macs as well. We all pitched in and used up the 5 licenses between us. That means our upgrades were only $10 each! This saved me $30 and 3 wasted licenses. Everyone wins in this scenario.

If you are waiting to upgrade please do something similar to the above. Have everyone pitch in and get Snow Leopard. It is truly a great improvement over the last 2 versions and you can get it cheap! It is also important to mention that upgrading from Leopard (10.5) gets you 6 GB more hard drive space back!