Interested in Prosper Loans? - Forum

I am an active borrower and investor on I have done this for over a year now and have been satisfied with the results. I have made good lending choices and borrowed money to reinvest. My current average interest rate is 18.38%. Not a bad return!

I currently give monthly updates of my status as an investor and also belong to a group on prosper called Socorro Capital Partners. We exchange listings that we like, discuss financials, and compare strategies and performance of our portfolios. We also run a forum that is very helpful to lenders and borrowers alike:

SCP Forum

I am a moderator on this forum and we stay on top of all things propser and also dicuss general finace and the economy and markets. We are a small but growing community as prosper is now live again and we are gaining new members to the forums. Check us out!

I will be giving another update to my own prosper status on Sept 15.