Free Stuff: American Express Social Media Sync Promotion

American Express has been giving free money by "syncing" your AMEX card to twitter, facebook, and foursquare. You register for the deal and then spend at the business using your AMEX card. You get a credit on your statement 3-5 days (or less!) after you meet the spending requirement. There are some great deals. Here are a few:

  • Spend $5 and get $5 credit at McDonalds
  • Spend $10 get $10 credit at Best Buy (I got a $10 gift card)
  • Spend $5 get $5 at a few of my favorite bars/restaurants
  • Spend $5 get $10(!!) in Austin, Texas (dead deal)
As you can see this is free money. You have to register your AMEX card (took me less than a minute) and spend as usual. I have gotten around $100 in "free money" from various offers from this. I'll take it!