Work Travel Coming!

Things are picking up a lot at work. I have been terribly busy the past few days and more to come. We have a lot of contracts sent out and a few have come back. I already have 2 trips confirmed (at least) and more in the fire!

So far I will be going to:

  • Bangor, Maine 
  • Baltimore, MD
Most likely going to happen:
  • Boston, MA
  • Detroit, MI
  • NC, WV, & VA
I don't have any travel booked yet as dates have not be confirmed. I am looking forward to some time on the road and of course the miles/points that comes with it! I have burned a lot of points lately so it is time to refill some accounts so I can keep going year after year. I am also trying to hit Gold Medallion with Delta this year so I am looking for a good mileage run to make that happen also.

I hope things continue to go well at work. Three years without a raise...needs to end!