US Airways: Grand Slam Promotion 2011

When I first heard of this I got excited. Due to a bad churn and my inexperience with it I ended up with 10,000 orphan US Air miles that I couldn't do anything with. Now I have a chance to bring that balance to 25,000 so I can eat least earn a free domestic flight on the cheap.

After sifting through the terms of the offer, a few other blogs, and forums I have formulated my plan to get enough "hits" to earn the bonus miles I need (15,000). A lot of the stuff I will do is free or something work would pay for anyway. I will have to make a few small purchases but should come in under $40. $40 is not bad for a free domestic flight!

I have learned to steer clear of Barclay's bank credit card offers. They are definitely bait and switch with their offer terms. I just lucked out that I found a way to not have it be a complete waste of time and energy. The promo starts tomorrow so I have some homework to do!