Saving Interest: Pay Mortgage Every 2 Weeks?

I have been giving thought to an idea I have read about online. I am considering paying my mortgage every two weeks. Basically I would line up the payment with my payroll deposits and pay half of each payment on the 1st and 15th. Over time this results in interest savings.

I decided to run the math on my idea. Here is what I found:

$100,000 @ 4.5% paid monthly: 82,406.71 in interest paid
$100,000 @ 4.5% paid Biweekly: $67,886.84 in interest paid

In this case, which is the same interest rate of my mortgage, I would save over $15,000 in interest. This is a significant amount of money back in my pocket! This would also help me balance out my cash flow a little bit at the same time. It looks like a winning situation all around.

Now I have to research my mortgage and make sure that I will actually save interest by paying early. We shall see!