True Story: Booking flights...while flying!

Today I am heading back home from Boston. I had a long couple of days getting a project done and it went well. I am now catching up on paperwork, expenses, emails, and so forth as I do after most work related trips. Things always seem to pile up while I am away!

I am mostly a Delta flyer and they have WiFi on nearly all of the routes that I fly. I find it handy for work from time to time and also they allow free access to for anyone. This will come in handy today as I will book my next 2 work flights while on my way home. I just got the green light from clients so I can move forward.

I thought about it for a second and I had one of those "you know you are a road warrior when" moments: I am booking flights while flying! A couple of years ago this was not even possible! It was great as it saves me time at work tomorrow and I would otherwise be sitting there playing on my iPhone anyway. May as well knock it out!

Afterward I had a few laughs with my seatmates in the exit row who were also frequent flyers. We went on to talk about other flyer-geeky stuff such as funny stories, types of planes we had flown on, comparing service, and so on. Just another part of life on the road!