Side Work Weekend!

I have 2 IT side projects for a couple of friends this weekend. I have to fix a laptop with lots of malware and do data recovery on a hard drive for the other. Neither one of them is difficult but they are time consuming. Luckily I can work on other things will they "run" for the most part. I just have to click a few times every now and then.

Between per diem at work and side income I am starting to ramp up a little. I love my airline miles and points hobby but at the end of the day cash is king. Cash gives me the most financial freedom to do whatever I want. I also have a couple of tech items on ebay I am selling that end on Monday. Looks like they will both sell for more than expected!

My previous laptop issue with my screen going out seems to be a one time occurrence so far. I hope this holds and I can get at least another year out of it before I start looking to replace it. MacBook Pro's are not cheap but they are very solid. My current one has been a daily user for over 2 years and this is the only issue with it thus far. As long as the quality holds I will have one.