New Life Goal: 1000 day holiday?

Back in 2008 I went to Belize on a whim because of a great airfare on American Airlines from Atlanta to Belize for $200 all in round trip. It was for Thanksgiving week and was less than flying home for the holiday. Ever since I have been spending November/Thanksgiving abroad for my larger vacations.

While I was there I decided to spend my week on the islands. I stumbled across the words "1000 day holiday" scratched into a picnic table at a hostel on Caye Caulker. It has been in my head every day since.I have now made it an urgent goal to make this happen.

Thinking about the idea of spending 1000 days traveling: it sounds daunting but no one said it had to be every single day moving to a new place. I could spend a month in Laos, a week or two in Chilean wine country, a month or two in Africa, and so on. It would be a time of complete freedom and being part of the world instead of being part of an office. I would be enjoying the good things in life!

When you break it down 1000 days works out to be 2.74 years or 32.6 months or 142.9 weeks. 24,000 hours of not being in an office and see different cultures, people, food, history, and so on. I would have no ties and can just simply go somewhere when I wanted. I could laze around in a cafe or hike a mountain. I could swim with sharks or kayak on a lake. Possibilities are endless.

Now I have to consider reality. I am a long ways off financially from doing something like this. I need substantial savings, have to sell/donate a lot of stuff, and have a plane for when it was over (subject to change of course). I always thought this 1000 day trip would start of my official expatriation from the US. Where I would work/live/reside elsewhere and come back to visit.

I have already done 18 months traveling around the world. Aside from my flexible 1-year plane ticket I could pretty much do what I pleased. I did exactly that. I saw all sorts of amazing things and met some wonderful people along the way. I want that again. The whole idea of this blog is my financial journey back to this lifestyle with some alterations.

I am determined to make this a reality. That previous 18 month trip gave me a taste of what I refer to as "the good life" and I want it back. Travel is addicting and there is no care but to do more of it. Maybe one day I will tire of it but with most other people I have met and my own beliefs I do not see that happening. The road will always feel like home to me. Being stationary is boring. The world is a book and I want to read every page.