Computer Woes: I hope this is a blip!

So recently I have noticed some funny video problems with my Macbook Pro. I did some searching online and it seems that it is a common problem with my particular video card and Apple even did a recall/free repair for it. Even if it is out of warranty!

The problem I face is that I have opened up the case of my Macbook Pro a couple of times to upgrade parts. This may technically void my warranty and they could just say "sorry" and be done with it. I plan to talk to Apple and see what, if anything, they will do.

Assuming the worst I will sell it on eBay and buy a new laptop. This is about a year ahead of when I planned to replace it but I am stuck. It is just too valuable of a tool not to have and I travel a lot so I need a laptop. Overall it will set me back at least $1,000 for a suitable replacement.

I guess this is why we have emergency funds but it is still a frustrating mess in the end. Oh well life will go on no matter what. I do like the idea of having a shiny newer, faster Macbook Pro!