Making the switch: Star Alliace!

As of today I have decided that I will officially divert my spend from my Delta AMEX card to my Continental Mastercard. See that I have a lot more travel options for the places I like to go abroad it makes the most sense to me. This will result in my earning on Delta coming from flying and bonus offers and the majority of my Star Alliance miles coming from spending.

It is also handy that Mastercard is practically taken everywhere so I don't have to worry about being AMEX centric with my choices. I am also going to consider flying Star Alliance if I can. Most of the time it makes the most sense to go Delta but if I can add a few more miles here and there I will. I will also keep an eye out for really good mileage run fares on Star Alliance to help as well.

I am going to try this out for a while and see if this is the best move. I am somewhat concerned that I will not be able to earn enough miles on Continental with only spending to cover my travel needs. I will see how it goes for now and evaluate again in a few months. Ideally I would like to earn enough to cover at least 1 yearly flight to Asia but that is a lofty goal at this point.