Adding an extra payment per year to my mortgage

Starting this month I have increased my mortgage payment. The math works out to be an extra payment's worth each year spread out over 12 months. I used an online calculator such as this one to figure out that it will reduce the length of my mortgage by 4 years!

This move will save me $9,376.02 in interest over the life of the loan. That is well worth the small increase each month. Worst case I can go back down to the minimum payment if I have to during times of need. To have an extra ~9 grand in my pocket over the years is a nice incentive to get ahead.

This is the next step in my debt snowball. I was debating whether to invest/save more or pay down debts faster and struck this balance. I am focusing heavily on my savings goals but also working my debt down too. The sooner payments are gone the less I require to live!