The Grocery Game: Stage 2 Reached!

Today I have realized that I have hit "Stage 2" of the grocery game. I subscribe to a weekly database that finds the best deals each week in my local grocery store. It combines that with the current coupons available in the Sunday newspaper and I get lots of great "Double-whammy" deals.

I have reached the point where my freezer and pantry are mostly full. My grocery shopping has shrunk a lot and now I just replenish what I run out of and stock up on great deals that I know will get used. For example I like Powerade and stock up on it or Gatorade when they go on a great sale. I usually buy enough to last me 2 weeks as that seems to be the sale cycle on that item.

I am now mostly looking for good deals on my favorite meats, produce, and staple items. These are things that I constantly need. For produce specifically I find that the prices are lower and the quality is better at my local farmer's market. I am usually there every week to pick up what I need (its mostly natural stuff and spoils quickly).

It is nice to be able to cook form a full pantry as I have plenty of options to choose from. I do still buy specialized items if I am experimenting with a new recipe or agree to cook a specific dish for a group of friends. Other than that my grocery shopping has become less deal finding and more maintenance. As a result I save a lot of money on food!