New Site Title: Explained

I decided today that my old blog title did not fit anymore. Since I have altered my focus a bit to include my travels as well as financial topics I decided that the new title is more appropriate. I also feel it describes me a lot better.

As of today this blog will be known as "The Frugal Backpacker". Both of the words describe me accurately and paint a picture for those who have never met me. It is also my chosen direction in life and encompasses a lot of my lifelong goals.

What does it mean?

First I must break down the title to explain it:

Frugal - to me frugal means I make conscious choices with how I spend my money. It does not mean that I am cheap. I am not afraid to spend for quality but I do make sure my purchases are with good reason. By carefully tracking my spending and making educated decisions I buy myself more freedom. This includes the ability to travel more often.

Backpacker - A lot of people here this word and generally think of two things. The first is someone who hikes in the mountains a lot. The other is the "broke college kid" traveling in Europe and staying in dives or sleeping in a train station. To me a backpacker is a traveler who carries a backpack with everything he needs to live in it. I tend to stay in backpacker-style accommodation including hostels, guesthouses, and budget hotels. I travel to see the country, the food, and the people--not to see the inside of another Hilton. There is a lot of places out there to see and you shouldn't have to spend a fortune to do it!

I find that in my case the above two mix well. I make frugal choices at home as well as on the road. I apply the principles of each in my daily life. Everyday I am working I work toward the ultimate goal of traveling again. The goal is to travel wherever I want and whenever I want to do it. Frugal practices and financial independence is the only way I can make this happen. This blog will be a record of my journey both physically and financially.

I hope that this blog will help not only me stay motivated and focused on my goals, but hopefully someone will find the information that I share useful. It would be great to make money from this site but it is not the ultimate goal. In my experience I have found that if I make my goals public I am more apt to attain them. This blog servers exactly that purpose.