Tickets to Asia booked!

I now have my tickets to Asia at the Skymiles "price" that I wanted. It took a lot of patience and research on my end but I made it happen. I will be spending almost the entire month of November in Cambodia exploring what it has to offer. I am very excited!

I got my ticket for 60,000 Delta Skymiles (the lowest level). I am flying a crazy route each way but I am a travel geek and all the stopovers are fun to me!

Here is my itinerary:


Atlanta - Toronto, Canada - Seoul, South Korea (16 hour layover) - Phnom Penh, Cambodia


Phnom Penh, Cambodia - Guangzhou, China (9 hour layover) - Los Angeles (red eye) - Atlanta

I am flying on a total of 3 airlines: Delta, Korean Air, & China Southern Airways to make this happen. I am still happy with this as flying on a paid ticket is around $1300 round trip. I am only paying $165 in taxes. Awesome!

I am also excited about new stamps in my passport, great food, the beach, and $4.00 hotel rooms in Asia. I have a budget of $500 for the month which should be ample over there. I am spending a month overseas for under $700! How's that for a frugal vacation?!