Don't forget your points!

These days their are rewards programs for just about anything you can imagine. Cash back, airline miles, hotel stays, coffee, gasoline, and the list goes on and on. The problem with having so many programs is that we get signed up and sometimes forget. They are very difficult to track!

I am writing this post to remind everyone to check on your points balances. A lot of them expire so we need to use them if we can to maximize what we get from them. A lot of programs offer great rewards such as American Express gift cards, restaurant gift cards, and even popular items such as iPods.

Make sure to check all of your balances and use them! Here is a quick list of what I got from points I had sitting around:

  • $25 AMEX gift card (Chase Freedom)
  • $25 paid toward my student loans (Citi ThankYou)
  • $25 Home Depot gift card (Chase Freedom)
  • A free flight home for a friend for Christmas (Delta Skymiles Amex)
As you can see this can really add up! Don't leave money on the table. Cash in your points!